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 [log] [log]
  date = format:​%Y-%m-%d %H:%M  date = format:​%Y-%m-%d %H:%M
- graphColors = 20,​120,​220,​21,​121,2+ graphColors = 20,​120,​220,​21,​121
 [push] [push]
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 ==== log ==== ==== log ====
 +My preferred ISO-inspired default date format, but without the unneeded precision of seconds. Date and time are split by a space, not the standard ''​T''​ which makes ''​20010214T2359''​ easier to parse, but harder to read. The graphColors allow to specify which of the (typically) 256 terminal colours are used to differentiate between different branches. Here I recommend using much more than the (randomly) chosen 5 values I have shown here.
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