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The Internet Archive is a whole universe with its Petabytes of data. They not only archive “the internet” (!!), but also have dedicated collections of digitized public domain1) books, audio, video, and imagery.

Because of the sheer size of its databases, simply navigating those treasure troves can become difficult at times. To remind myself of “gold pots” for a later return (and as a soft recommendation), I archive some good search queries and entry points into this part of the “deep web”.2)




  • Project Gutenberg. Perhaps helpful if the original repository is geoblocked in your country


Public domain: works whose copyright protection has expired automatically become accessible to anyone [except for nationally diverging laws, but this footnote is not the place for a lecture].
wiki/Deep web: actually I am misusing the term here, as the Internet Archive is heavily indexed by most search engines. But advertisers pay better and do more SEO to land on page 1, so…
Not for the light-hearted, as plenty of “troll” labels put out plenty of trash releases with “graphic” (as in gross) album art all the time. You'll know it when you see it. In other: this takes some dedication because of a pretty low SNR. Also: I seem to have a thing with footnotes these days.
For all current viewing interests, better have a look at directly. For some significant titles, Youtuber Summoning Salt even has created 10-20 minute long documentaries of how each game's world record time has evolved during the last 10 years.
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